HappyCitybook2 Happy CityTransforming Our Lives Through Urban Design Farrar, Straus & Giroux (USA), Alan Lane/Penguin (UK), and Doubleday (Canada)

Full of cutting-edge insights from behavioral economists and leading urban thinkers, Happy City offers a completely new way to examine city life, showing us how small innovations can radically improve our experiences.

Shark-God-cover2 The Last Heathen/The Shark GodEncounters with Ghosts and Ancestors in MelanesiaHARPERCOLLINS, DOUGLAS & MCYINTYRE

Charles Montgomery follows in his great grandfather’s footsteps through the South Pacific, seeking out the spirits and myths his missionary forebear sought to destroy.

WayOutTherebook Way Out There (contributing writer)The Best of Explore GREYSTONE

An collection of pieces from explore, Canada’s outdoor magazine. Recent and award-winning journalism from the far edges of the great outdoors. 25th anniversary edition.

slicetruthbook Slice Me Some Truth (contributing writer)An Anthology of Canadian Creative Non-fictionWOLSAK & WYNN

A thorough survey of the growing body of Canadian creative non-fiction, covering the areas of memoir, personal essay, cultural journalism, lyric essay and nature or place essays.

GreatVanbook The Greater Vancouver Book(contributing writer) An urban encyclopediaLINKMAN PRESS

Every question you want answered about one of Canada’s greatest cities is in this encyclopedic book — from Vancouver’s diverse ethnic groups to the origin of its street names.